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Published Date : 2019-03-13 (Modified Date : 2019-03-13)

Kathmandu, March 13, 2019

Interaction Program with the Pesticide Entrepreneurs

An interaction program with the Pesticide Enterpreneurs was held today at the meeting hall of Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Center (PQPMC), Hariharbhawan according to the approved annual program of FY 2075/076.  The program was Chaired by the Chief of the Center, Dr. Dilli Ram Sharma. Chief of the Pesticide  Management Section, Mr. Parashuram Adhikari, Senior Plant Protection Officer presented among other matters, about the proposed provisions in the Pesticides Act 2048 (Proposed ammendment 2075), in the process of ammendment in the upperhouse of the Parliament of the Government of Nepal. He stressed in the major changes in the prevailing act and in the proposed act. More than 25 liscenced enterpreneurs of pesticides, including pesticide retailors, applicators and formulators participated in the program. The senior officers of PQPMC, Dr. Ratna Kumar Jha, Ram Krishna Subedi, Mahesh Chandra Acharya, Shalikram Adhikari and Plant Protection Officer Stuti Acharya also participated in the program. The floor was opened for discussion and queries from the enterpreneurs and those were responded by the Section Chief Parshu Ram Adhikari and Chief of the PQPMC, Dr. Dilli Ram Sharma. Other major discussions were focused on the compliance of the provisions of the prevailing act and regulations.