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Central Level Electronic Phytosanitary Certification System Management and Operation Training

Published On: 2019-01-09

Training on Central Level Electronic Phytosanitary System Management and Operation was organized from 22nd to 26th of Poush 2075 by Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Center (PQPMC) as per the approved annual program for FY 2075/76.  Altogether 16 participants, 12 from the 11 Quarantine Offices and 4 from the PQPMC participated in the training. The training was conducted on a well equipped training hall of Morgan IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Baneswar with computer/laptop, intranet, and internet facilities. Facilitation of this hands on training was done by the Engineer Mr. Sambhu Khatiwada, from Morgan IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New Baneswar, who have expertise on the electronic certification system.  The Senior Plant Protection Officer of PQPMC, Dr. Ratna Kumar Jha coordinated and facilitated the training. Junior Technician, Mr. Harihar Acharya from PQPMC also facilitated the training sessions and assisted in managing the training activities. Participants practiced to generate the entry permit, phytosanitary certificate and release/rejection order by using the software developed by PQPMC, and the software was instantly updated based on the suggested revisions and minor corrections pointed out by the participants. The chief of the PQPMC, Dr. Dilli Ram Sharma gave a short speech on the need of this hands on training during inaguration and distributed the certificates of participation during the closing of the program. He also monitored the training while it was on the way. During the closing of the training, he gave the directives to the participants for their readiness in operating software and stressed to switch to software based certificate issuance March, 2018.