• Farewell and Welcome Program

  • Farewell of Joint Secretary of MoALD and Senior Plant Protection Officers

  • Planning Workshop-2019

  • Pest Free Area Support Program at Syangja- 2019

  • Interaction Program with Pesticide Enterpreneurs- 2075/11/29

  • National Plant Protection Workshop

  • National Plant Protection Workshop

  • No Pesticide Use Week 2075-Ralley at Banepa

  • No Pesticide Use Week 2075 - Ralley - Banepa

  • Street Drama - No Pesticide Use Week 2075

  • No Pesticide Use Week 2075 - Stage Program - Banepa

  • No Pesticide Use Week -Press Meet

  • Regional Workshop on "Invasive Species Threats in Asia"

  • Plant Clinic Field Exercise

  • Fall Armyworm Surveillance in Province 1


Name/Title Download
Standard Operating Procedures for Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation (...to be approved by the Ministry)
Training Manual on Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation
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List of Registered Pesticides
Survey Report on Pesticide 26 Oct 2014..
इजाजतपत्र लिने प्रकृया एवं मापदण्डहरूकाे व्राेसर
मानव शरीरमा विषादीकाे असरका लक्ष्यणहरू चित्र
नेपालमा प्रतिवन्धित विषादीहरूको सूचीकाे पाेष्टर
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Name/Title Download
Requirements for the Establishment of Areas of Low Pest Prevalence (... to be notified)
Determination of Pest Status in an area - 2014 (...to be notified)
Internal Quarantine Guidelines 2071
Glossary of Phytosanitary Terms
A Guideline on Pest Free Area Declaration for Cabbage
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Name/Title Download
Survey Protocol for Citrus Canker
Survey protocol for Asian Citrus Psyllid , Diaphorina citri in Citrus trees
Survey Protocol for Citrus Fruit Flies
Survey Protocol for Citrus Greening Disease 2013 (... to be notified)
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